JAX Building, Lowertown, St. Paul, MN

"The Michaud Building, known most commonly as the Jax Building, was built around 1908. It was one of the first poured concrete buildings in St. Paul. The building was constructed using wooden scaffolding covered with corrugated tin as a cover starting in the basement. When the cement was poured the scaffolding sagged slightly and this was repeated as each subsequent floor was poured. That is why the center of each bay is 1 or 2 inches lower than the columns on each floor. The East 1/2 of the building was occupied by the Michaud wholesale grocers until around 1925 when a new larger building was constructed at the corner of then 8th (now 7th) Street and Robert. Then Westinghouse Electric likely occupied the East 1/2 of the building until it was sold in the early 50's to Jack Posnansky who moved a seat-cover manufacturing operation into it. That business was sold in the early 70's and I purchased the building in 1977 and have owned it since. The West 1/2 of the building was apparently occupied by The Jane Garrott Candy company from the beginning until they went out of business in the early 70's."

Rudy Sundberg, Owner, 2014